So my last post was more on the contemplative side with pessimistic undertones and pseudo poeticism so today I wanted to write something fun.  That something fun comes in the form of hating on stuff, especially if it’s mainstream content.  

This is going to be the first in a (hopefully) on going succession of short posts based on when and where I stumble upon something that pisses me off.  I have too much to write on each category of quotes I disagree with to make a full list in one post.

It’s quite a  popular practise to post and share quotes, caption them under instagram photos and be generally avid followers of “word porn”.  Holding on to quotes isn’t anything particularly new but with the internet phenomenon, it has become increasingly more apparent which quotes are most popular and which writers and celebrities are the most admired- to the point where people are routinely misquoted and credited with philosophies that they never actually said.  Admiring wise words is definitely not a bad thing.  The previous alternative of having them hover over posters of sunsets that hang on your bedroom wall is a lot less  ridiculous than them hovering over images of sunsets on your facebook wall.   Again, I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to quotes I like, so my real objective here is to dissect the ones I either don’t agree with or don’t really understand.

I wish I had this idea before because now that I’ve made the effort to actively look for the bad quotes, I can’t find them.  Browsing through all the emo quotes I used to save when I was in high school was a good start though.

I also think that I’m being a rebel because instead of posting and writing about all the deep quotes that mean a lot to me like most people do, I’m going to do the opposite and tear apart the ones I don’t like. 

Okay so my first victim is any quote having to do with “being normal” or being “different” or that “normal is boring”.

This one is a favourite of mine, partly because the bratty, emo teenager in me used to believe it.  I cringe every time this one pops up mostly because no one really deserves to be brushed aside into some warped, stereotypical picture that was positioned together by someone who doesn’t have all the pieces to complete the puzzle.  There’s probably somebody out there who considers me to be one of those “all the same” people when every fibre in my body is adamant that I’m anything but.  I’m sure that everyone has been dismissed by someone based on a superficial image or facet of themselves that they present to those who were unable to gain a more intimate knowledge of who they are. Unfortunately life doesn’t allow you to really get to know everyone you meet, therefore we have to box people up into who we think they are rather than base our opinions on who they actually are. I get it, we all want to be remarkable.  I get how being unique and not following the crowd and all that is not only important to want but also important to advocate in order to encourage people to be themselves, even in the face of judgement, ridicule or the most terrifying: rejection.  I also understand that people do get bullied and on a larger scale, get discriminated against due to being different or “other”.  However, this quote is more on the agressive side and uses a mocking attitude to create further divide.  It’s easy to preach peace, love and acceptance and much harder to implement but my stance is that as people mature and we make an effort to open our minds, we are able to recognise the similarities that transcend all the things that can make you feel or look like an outsider.

I would also like to stress that normalcy doesn’t exist.  It never really has.  Even if you’re a seemingly average person, with an average day job, living in your average house in your unremarkable suburb with your ideal nuclear family and white, picket fence and maybe I could pass you on the street and not really remember your face, YOU ARE NOT NORMAL. Just because I or maybe some acquaintance of yours has decided you’re just some sheep or cog in the machine or whatever metaphor they want to compartmentalise you in, does not actually mean that you don’t have anything special or unique about you.  By virtue of the fact that you are your own person with your own take on the world, your own opinions, ambitions and dreams makes you inherently unique and different from the people around you.  Even if you are the product of the culture and environment you grew up in, you will still have your own beliefs and your own reasons why the particular values you grew up with have stuck with you.  Maybe those values will change and expand but you still have your very own unique subjectivity that nobody on earth can fully have access to or fully understand.  You have your  own experiences.  Nobody on this planet has the ability or opportunity to experience everything that you have, in the way that you have.  While there are people who tend to “conform” more than others, internally everyone still has their own voices and that is why you and nobody else can ever be normal.  My alternative is that perfect is boring.  Trying to be perfect or even wanting to be perfect is trying to extinguish all the messy but far more interesting parts of yourself.  Collective recognition of our faults is what makes us relate to each other.


8 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes and Blind Captions 1

  1. Hello! I really liked the idea behind this post and I truly agreed when you said the quote was on the aggressive side. It seems quite true to me that we must all appear as belonging to the group of the “they are all the same” to someone even if we think we are not the same as anyone. And in a way, the statement is as true as saying we actually are all the same (in many ways), don’t you think?

    But then… I am not entirely sure about the “no one is normal” / “normal is boring” part, and that is why I am writing. I actually really want to discuss this with you as your blog has always been very interesting to me and I try to not miss any posts 🙂

    I have a friend who always says that no one is normal and that we are all fucked up (excuse the language). I have always had a hard time with that, because it seems to me that there is a big difference between being unique and special and “not being normal”. The uniqueness, dreams and special abilities should never be taken away from and they should really believe in themselves, I totally agree with you on that part. But I do wonder if, by saying that no one’s normal or that we are all fucked up, we do not try to push the idea that being just normal is not ok. Or that when we say “everyone’s fucked up”, we do not really take into account the fact that some people are actually struggling with issues that distort their sense of reality and prevent them from living in society in a “normal” or say “regular” way.

    I am not saying that is what you said, and that’s not how I understood your article, but I just wanted your opinion on this, if you’d like to share it 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing idea ! (And sorry for the terribly long comment…)

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    1. Wow it’s so wonderful to know I have a follower who looks forward to my posts. Thanks so much for such a long, intriguing and lovely comment. I think people have a lot more similarities than we think. You make an excellent point about the people who truly are different. For example those with a mental disorder or truly have a hard time just functioning in society and doing things that most people take for granted such as those with body dismorphia, schizophrenia etc. From my personal experience I have felt like an outsider because ever since I can remember (including toddler days) I’ve had a hard time in social situations and was extremely shy and quiet and had trouble doing even something as simple as having a conversation so I spent a long time wishing I could be ‘normal’. As i grew up and started actually talking to people I started to realise that maybe I’m not so different and weird as I thought. I think ‘fucked up’ is a bit strong, I would say we all have our quirks but maybe I’m just using a different word to say the same thing? I also like the point you make that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight and some people are content with just ‘being normal’. That’s perfectly fine. If you’re happy with the way your life is then you’re probably a lot more well adjusted than a lot of people. The thing is that, I don’t like the word normal because I don’t really know what it means. What is the prototype? What qualifies a person to be normal? I do also think that a lot of people are afraid of being different but this can sometimes manifest in stereotyping others and the very hate that person is against in the first place. Did I answer all your questions? Any more thoughts? Having discussions like this is the main reason I started the blog so thank you!

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      1. Yes, you did answer my questions 🙂 It was great reading them and seeing that I understood your post the way you meant it.
        And I do agree with you that there is something odd about the word “normal”, especially in the way it is often used today. It tends to make people feel like they are different, weird or rejected when they are actually quite “normal” even when they have their little quirks and troubles or even if they do not dress like the other 80% of the people around them. It is the really the “fucked up” part of my friend’s argument that always makes me tick somehow, because just as you said, some people struggle with really incapacitating mental disorders that make life so hard for them that it is unfair to them to say that everyone is in as much pain or trouble.

        I was the same as you as I grew up and in many ways, I still am, deep down, even though I have learnt to socialise better. And I hope we get to have more conversations like this one from blogger to blogger. It was a pleasure and thank you for answering!

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  2. I enjoyed this idea for a post. I laughed at the term “word porn” because it is very catchy, and it worked well after your first 2 paragraphs to set the tone. I love a good quote, but there are certainly others that make me cringe. Two quotes popped into my mind as I was reading your post. First, “Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don’t be afraid to shove that box up their ass.” Perhaps not overly appropriate, but I find it humours. Second, “Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness, not an idiot who forces you to be normal.” Both quotes were on photos. Anyway, great post.

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  3. I love the box up the ass quote! Also the madness quote as sometimes I’m embarrassed by how weird I am but am now learning to just say fuck it and be myself. Thanks so much for your comment. As much as I’d love to take credit for “word porn”, it’s a facebook page I came across. I think it’s a trend to add porn to everything now e.g food porn. I wonder if there’s actual porn out there called word porn, that would be hilarious. I love to tear in to quotes that people think are “deep” so this was a lot of fun to write.


  4. This is an excellent piece of writing, and I have to say I really agree with the term ‘word porn’, it’s gotten so bad and esp. because of the explosion of social media, everything which happens is now quantifiable and any “”quote can just just be slapped onto anything.

    I admit sometimes its easier to borrow the words of another to get your point across, but I more get the feeling that its simply a new fad and a new way to attempt to set oneself apart intellectually…., sadly, clicking a share button doesn’t rly scream intellectualism does it!

    I loved this! Keep up the good work!

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